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    As coaches we thought that this game might have a chance to get out of hand, and it didn't take long for that to happen. We scored a touchdown on our second play from scrimmage (after just missing on the first play) and we went on to an early 22-0 lead (and I mean early - that was the score well before the end of the first quarter!). After the kickoff following our third touchdown the field commissioner for Swartz Creek and an official from the league came over and told us that our onside kick was uncalled for and that we needed to stop that. Sorry fella's, but that was the only kickoff we've ever practiced. To make them happy we kicked deep the rest of the game, but it did no favors for the opponent - it only served to pin them back even deeper on the field.

    The game got so out of hand that we were attempting to get every player on the team a chance to run the ball. Tyler got his chance, but didn't end up gaining any yards. A few other kids fumbled their chances away, but they had a shot regardless. We also put players in positions that we never would normally, but we didn't have much choice today. We put all of our kids inside on the line on defense, hoping that they would sweep outside and get a score (they had only scored 2 points in their first two games) just so that we could score again (more than a 30 point differential automatically gets the head coach suspended, over 25 points and it goes under review - and based on our experience with the league they would be more than happy to suspend us at that point). Ultimately the final score was 28-6, although it could have been worse. This was one of the least fun wins ever though, as it felt like we played one quarter of football and three quarters of scrimmage against one of our freshman teams.

Game 3 - at Swartz Creek 1

Tyler chasing down the ball carrier in the backfield.

Tyler get some words of wisdom from Coach Rodney at halftime.

Tyler fighting through a double team on the outside.

Tyler just missed getting this sack as the quarterback barely got rid of the ball on time.

Coach Rod and Tyler standing beside each other on the sideline towards the end of the game.

The final score, Holly 28, Swartz Creek 6.


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