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    On Friday, October 21st, Tara & I took Samantha, Drew, and Jayden to the Boo Bash celebration at Sam and Drew's school. After our arrival, Sam immediately took off to hang out with her friends, leaving behind Tara & I to play the games with Drew and Jay. The kids all had a lot of fun, doing a little trick-or-treating along with the games and taking a hay ride. This was definitely a fun event for the kids, and I am certain we will be back again next year! Happy Halloween everybody!

Boo Bash

Jayden took a turn playing the bean bag toss game...

...while Drew gave putt-putt a try.

Drew also gave his all on the ring toss game.

Jayden enjoyed a nice sugar coated donut.

Jayden showing off her costume in the gym.

Drew managed to get the camera to take this picture of Rodney...

...and this picture of Tara...

...before getting them together for this photo.

Later in the evening Drew had a red mohawk painted into his hair with gray sides.


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