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    Tara's friend Ian secured four tickets to the third game of the American League Division Series, and offered up some seats to his friends. Tara's mom Gail snagged two of the seats for herself and her dad, and wound up taking the third seat and took me along as well.

    We arrived in Detroit about 90 minutes before game time, but struggled to find a parking spot. We eventually made our way to the Ford Field parking deck, and then made the walk to the stadium. Our seats were in section 337, so we had to make the walk up the ramp (Tara's grandpa could have made the walk up the stairs, but we thought it would be best for him if he didn't have to) after we were unable to find the escalator/elevator (we were actually told where it was, but it was nearly all the way around the stadium, thus negating any benefit we would have gotten by using it). Ian was already in his seat, so we said our hello's as we sat down. Before the game started I made way back to the concourse for a hot dog and some pop.

    Once the game started we stayed glued to our seats. The Tigers fell behind early, as the first inning with the Yankees ahead by two. The Tigers clawed their way back into the game by scoring two runs themselves in the third inning. They took a one run lead in the 5th, and added another run in the 6th to stretch the lead to two runs. After a two run double in the seventh, the Yankees tied it up. Thankfully for Tigers fan, Delmon Young, a late season addition from the Twins, hit his second solo home run of the series in the bottom of the seventh to put the Tigers on top 5-4. Justin Verlander gave up all four runs, but managed to pitch 8 innings while striking out 11 Yankees. Jose Valverde came on in the ninth to close things out, giving him his 50th save of the season, but not without some drama... he put two runners on base, but managed to strike out the final batter to officially seal the victory for the Tigers, putting them up two games to one in the series.

     Once the game was over, we made our way to the concourse and the restrooms. On our way back to the parking garage I ran into one of the fathers from Samantha's baseball team, and we chatted a while as we walked. We found our car easily enough, but getting out of the garage took some time. Thankfully one left hand turn out of the garage followed by another left at the first stop sign resulted on an easy entrance to I-75 north, and we were on our way home. Unfortunately, the game ended at nearly midnight, which meant by the time I was dropped off at home it was 1:45am... thank goodness for vacation days, so that I could sleep in and recover as opposed to going to work on something like three hours of sleep!

Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees

The 2011 ALDS logo on the field on the third-base line.

A look at the Tigers scoreboard as Jeff Daniels, the actor, sings a Tigers song before the game started.

The Tigers team lined up during pregame introductions.

The scoreboard showing an introductory video with the "Detroit Tigers 2011" logo.

The American Flag being unfurled during the singing of the National Anthem.

The Tigers (third-base line) and Yankees (first-base line) standing at attention during the National Anthem.

Kenny Rogers, one of the heroes of the 2006 World Series team, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

The least-tenured pitcher gets to carry a pink backpack to the bullpen.

Justin Verlander throwing the first pitch of the game.

A look at the field during the first inning.

Great-Grandpa Hardy and Gail sitting in their seats, in section 337.

Justin Verlander's last pitch, ending the 8th inning.

The Chevrolet Fountain erupted when Delmon Young hit a solo home run to put the tigers up one.

Jose "heart-attack" Valverde throwing a pitch in the 9th inning.

The crowd erupting during the final inning.

Jose Valverde getting the game ball from Alex Avila.

The scoreboard celebrating a Tigers victory.


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