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    Drew was selected as one of three players to represent his team, Ramsey Built Construction, in the Coach Pitch All-Star game on July 7th. He and a couple of his teammates were paired up with the players from three other coach pitch teams, to compete against the All-Stars from the remaining four teams.

    Drew didn't have his best game today from the batters box, going 0-3 with three strikeouts. He certainly wasn't used to the pitching, as he has only hit balls from his coach throughout the entire season. It would have been nice to have each kid hit off his own coach, but that isn't the way it is done... While in the field tonight, he played catcher, two outfield positions, and second base. He didn't really see any action come his way, aside from catching a few overthrown baseballs.

    Despite the fact that his team lost the game 15-11 (or 13-11 - apparently there was debate about one of the scoring plays), it was a fantastic evening for Drew. He got to play in his first All-Star game alongside two of his teammates and friends, and has something to work for next season as well. Considering that he was amongst the youngest players in the game today, I think he did great, and both Tara & I are very proud of him!

Coach Pitch All-Star Game

Drew in his catcher's gear, where he started today's game in the field.

Drew throwing a ball back to the pitcher.

Drew crouched in his catcher position.

Drew swinging during his first at-bat.

Drew playing right-center field (they have four outfielders in coach pitch baseball) in another inning.

Another look at Drew ready for action in the outfield.

Drew looking at his cheering section during a break in the game.

Drew throwing an overthrown ball back to the pitcher from the outfield.

One more look at Drew in the outfield, this time in right field.

Drew running to the dugout after his team got the third out of an inning.

Drew ready for a hit in his second at-bat of the game.

Drew moved up to second base later on.

Drew swinging at a pitch in his third at-bat.

Drew ready for contact!

Drew moved back to the outfield in another inning.

Drew and his teammates lined up for their post-game lap around the bases.

Drew (second from the right) and his teammates lined up for a team picture.

A closer look at Drew (in the blue hat).

One more team photo...

Drew posing with Samantha, our families two All-Stars this year.

Another shot of Drew and Sam, who both coincidentally were given the number 5 for these games!


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