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    Drew moved up with his coach and the majority of his teammates to coach-pitch baseball this year, despite only playing one year of T-ball. I think that he will do fine overall, but it has been a bit of an adjustment for everybody to this point of the season. It was pretty obvious that their opposition today had several players who have played at this level before, which showed in the final score - a 14-5 loss for the Ramsey Built Construction team. Drew had a rough day at the plate, striking out twice before finally getting a hit. He did manage to make it around the bases to score a run in the final inning, when most of his team's runs were scored, but it wasn't quite enough. Overall a decent start, and things can only get better from here!

Game 1 - vs. Bittersweet Cafe

Drew swinging during his first at-bat of the day.

Drew playing pitcher while out in the field.

Another shot of Drew on the pitcher's mound.

Drew playing in right field.

Another chance for a hit. Alas Drew struck out in this at-bat as well.

Drew made contact with the ball several times, but they kept rolling foul on the first base line.

Drew finally got a hit during his third at-bat!

Drew ran hard to make it to second base.

Drew standing on second, waiting for his coach to tell him when to run.

Drew running to third base.

Drew was ready to run home on the next hit...

...where he slid safely to score a run for his team!


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