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    Drew and his teammates played in (we hope) their final make-up game of the season on Monday, June 13th. Unfortunately for Drew Samantha also had a make-up soccer game, Tyler had a regularly scheduled baseball game, and Tara had a school board meeting to attend. That meant that my parents and I were split up three ways to watch the games and that I really don't have much to comment about here. I know Drew got a couple of hits tonight, played third base, outfield, and catcher, and that his team just didn't seem to have the focus necessary to compete tonight. The end result was their 10th loss of the season in as many games.

Game 10 - at Great Lakes Artisan

Drew swinging the bat for a hit.

Drew standing on first base after his hit.

Drew spent a couple of innings playing third base tonight.

Drew got a hit on this pop-up.

Here is Drew on first base once again.

Drew spent some time kicking the dirt between pitches while playing third base.

Drew waiting for the ball to be thrown in from the outfield.

Drew played catcher for the first time tonight too.

Drew covering the plate, waiting to make a play.
One more look at Drew the catcher.


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