Game 11

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    Drew and his teammates are making games closer now, and except for one big inning this was a good game. Drew played really well today, going three for three from the plate and making it to third base each time he got on. Unfortunately his teammates were unable to drive him home, so he was unable to score any runs. He played outfield as well as second base today in the field.

Game 11 - at MJ Electric

Drew swinging the bat for a hit.

Drew standing on first base after his hit while the girl playing first scratches an itch!

Drew made it to second base...

...before getting all the way to third. Unfortunately he wasn't driven in to score a run.

Drew spent some time playing second base tonight.

Here is Drew covering the base, looking for a throw to get the runner out.

Another at-bat, another hit for Drew. He went 3 for 3 from the plate tonight.

Drew on first base once again.

A close-up of Drew.

Drew standing on second base now.

Drew running to third...

...where he stood with one of his coaches. Once again, he didn't come in to score.

Drew covering second base.


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