Game 13

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    Drew's team played their final game on the first day of Summer, and Drew saved his best for last. He stopped several grounders while playing second base, and had his best day of the year at the plate. In his first at-bat he cranked a deep fly ball to left field, resulting in his first double of the year! (And a trip to Dairy Queen as a reward!) His second at bat resulted in a single, but on a ball hit almost to the same spot in the field. Unfortunately his efforts weren't enough to help the team stave off a winless season, as they fell 15-3 in tonight's game.

Game 13 - vs. Great Lakes Market

Drew started off tonight's game playing second base.

Another shot of Drew at second.

Drew at the plate during his first at-bat.

Drew connecting with the ball for his first double of the season!

Drew running to second base during his double.

Drew was all smiles after making it to the base safely.

An extra look at Drew standing on second base after his double.

Drew moved over to left field later on.


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