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    I realized something during today's game that made me really consider just how tough of a season this team may be in for... Drew, a kindergartner, is now playing the same level of baseball that Samantha did last year as a third grader. So, in reality, Drew is playing ball against kids that are three to four years older than him. Hmmm... maybe another year of T-Ball wouldn't have been so bad. Most of his teammates are in the same predicament as well. If the other parents that I talked to are correct, there is only one second grader and on first grader on the team and the rest are kindergartners. In other words, this is a very young team. It should come as no surprise then that today's game was another blowout. This time the final score was 17-4. Drew had a hit or two to do his part to help out the team, but it was nowhere near enough to overcome the struggles in the field that gripped the entire team. What I am really hoping for is to see some major improvement throughout the course of the year. If we see that, then we can consider this a successful season.

Game 2 - at Advanced Care Chiropractic

Drew played shortstop early in the game.

Another look at Drew playing shortstop.

This ball wasn't hit to Drew, but he was ready just in case it was.

Drew moved behind the plate to play catcher later in the game.

The primary role of the catcher at this level is to throw the ball back to the pitcher, which Drew managed to do quite well.

Drew occasionally caught a pitch as well, which is fairly impressive (a lot of kids just draw in the dirt!).


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