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    After missing a game due to illness, Drew rejoined his teammates on the field for their game on Tuesday, May 17th. Unfortunately he was unable to help his team score enough runs to win, even though he did get on base a couple of times tonight, making it all the way to third base on once occasion. He also was able to get two runners out making plays in the field - one by catching a ball at third base, getting the run out on a force play, and the other by fielding the ball and running to third to touch the base and force the runner out. He is still having fun, even in the cold weather that made things miserable today. As long as that continues and he shows signs of improvement, then we are all set!

Game 4 - vs. MJ Electric

Drew played third base a lot in tonight's game.

Drew catching a throw to force the runner out at third base.

Drew getting one of his hits tonight.

Drew cruising into first base safely.

Drew, adjusting his helmet while standing on second base.

Drew was excited to make it all the way to third base... all he wanted was a hit so he could come home to score.

Drew checking out the action in the stands between pitches.

Drew moved over to shortstop later in the game.

Drew getting another hit.

Drew standing on first base again.


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