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    Baseball finally resumes for Drew and his team after several games were either rained out or rescheduled due to flooded fields. I don't have a lot to say about today's game because I was on another field watching another child play, but Tara says it was a good game (and the close 13-10 score would indicate that for our team) and that Drew had a pretty good game overall. He made contact all three times he batted, but only one resulted in a hit (the other two times he hit the ball he was thrown out at first base) and also made some nice plays in the field.

Game 6 - at Bittersweet Cafe

Drew hitting the ball during one of his three at-bats.

Drew was just barely out at first base on this hit.

Drew was also thrown out at first base on his second hit tonight.

Drew playing second base/outfield.

Drew batting for the final time today.

Drew made it all the way to third base thanks to some timely hitting from his teammates.


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