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    Drew and his teammates had a pretty good game tonight, despite the 8-0 score. They played a pretty good game defensively overall, which meant that most of the kids were paying attention to the game instead of the bugs, the grass, or whatever else catches their fancy. They also hit well, but struck out at rather inopportune times. I think that they left the bases loaded in every inning tonight, which was very frustrating. Drew struck out in his first at bat, but had a hit in each other at-bat today. He played at shortstop, outfield, and first base tonight.

    Just a quick note... the pictures may be a little bit out of order as I used two cameras to track the action tonight, splitting time between Drew's field and Samantha's field next door. Try to enjoy them anyway...

Game 8 - vs. Advanced Care Chirpractic

Drew playing first base.

Drew just missed this ball, which bounce off his glove and would have given his team an out on the runner slowly approaching him.

Drew fouling off a ball.

Drew was safe at first base by a nose on this play.

Drew made it over to second (and eventually third base) on hits by his teammates.

Drew returning to the bench at the end of an inning.

Drew approaching home plate, again at the end of an inning.

Drew getting a nice hit (the ball is in the upper right corner of the picture).

Drew getting a high five from the kid playing first base after his hit.

Drew playing in the outfield.

Drew standing next to his coach in the outfield.

Another hit for Drew!

Drew back on first base (or, more likely, this picture is out of order!).


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