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    On June 18th Drew's baseball team's sponsor and his family was nice enough to invite the entire team over to their house to celebrate the season. Thankfully siblings were welcome, or we would have had a little bit of a rebellion on our hands! We arrived shortly after 3:00pm (the scheduled start time) and didn't end up leaving until 8:20pm (well after the scheduled end time, I'm sure!). In between the kids spent a lot of time in the pool as well as the bounce house that was rented for the occasion. We also were provided with pizza to eat and drinks, and parents brought along other goodies as well (brownies, cookies, Rice Crispy treats, etc.). The kids definitely had a great time, but I'm not so sure we will be welcomed back if they can't get us to leave on time!

Team Pool Party!

Tyler taking a picture of himself underwater.

Jayden swimming with her floaties.

Rodney catching some rays on the deck.

Samantha playing in the bounce house.

Another look at Tyler under the water.

Jay playing in the pool once again.

Drew and Sam playing a game in the pool.

Drew splashing in the water.

Jay swimming with a noodle.


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