Game - 11-21-2011

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    Drew's hockey team had their second game of the fall on Monday, November 21st. They took all of the kids and divided them up into four teams based on their jersey colors. Drew's team wound up facing the team that his friends Thomas and Andrew were placed on. Because the scoring was fast and furious, I was unable to keep up. I do know that Drew scored the first goal for his team, and from there on out it was a free for all. After two 21 minute halves, the kids came off the ice. Drew was extremely tired and sweaty after working so hard chasing after the puck. He was all smiles throughout, though!

Game - 11-21-2011

Drew on the bench before the start of the game.

Drew making his way across the ice.

Drew circling behind the net, listening to one of the coaches.

Drew chose #29 to match his big sister's soccer jersey.

Rodney, helping out on the bench, and Drew watching the action unfold on the ice.

Drew skating along the ice with the puck.

Drew looking for the puck with one of his teammates.

A close-up look at Drew in his hockey helmet.

Another look at Drew making his way down the ice.

Drew looking for a pass from a teammate while standing in front of the ice.

Another shot of Drew looking for a pass from a teammate.

Drew has a tendency to move in front of his net to play goalie.

A look at Drew skating.

Drew racing after a puck in the corner.


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