Game - Scrimmage

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    Drew's hockey team had a game on their schedule for Saturday, October 8th, but in reality it was a scrimmage between the various kids in the group. They divided all of the kids into four teams, two with dark jerseys and two with white jerseys. The light and dark teams were then paired up and assigned to a "rink", which was either one end of the rink or the center section. They play across the surface of the rink, not lengthwise, hence the name "Cross-Ice." Drew was assigned to a dark team, and he got to play on the center ice "rink". They played this 3v3 scrimmage game for almost an hour straight, but in shifts of about 3-5 minutes, meaning that they would skate for that long and at the end of their shift they would get to sit on the bench for that long to rest as their other teammates took their turn on the ice. It was really a fun thing to watch, and Drew had a blast playing. He was smiling non-stop throughout his time on the ice. Of course, scoring four goals in the scrimmage really helped him out too!

Game - Scrimmage

Drew coming on to the ice after a shift change.

Drew skating towards the net, looking for the puck to come his way.

Drew skating along as two opposing players come his way.

Drew smiling as he looks into the stands after scoring one of his goals.

Drew grinning from ear to ear as he makes his way down the ice.

Drew looking for the puck.

Drew firing off a long distance slap shot - had he moved in closer he might have scored a goal on this shot too!

Drew trying to get in the way of a shot by one of the opposing players.

Drew sitting on the bench area between shifts, talking to one of his teammates.

Drew skating on the ice during the game.

Another look at Drew sitting on the bench.

Drew and his friends realized that they were having their picture taken!


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