April 10th

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    The fifth week of Drew's hockey class followed the same routine, with half of the class spent doing drills and the rest of the class playing a game of hockey.

April 10th Hockey Lesson

Drew skating between the pads during the early drills.

Although the kids are supposed to jump over the pads, Drew skates up to the pads and then steps over.

Drew handling the puck between the pads.

Drew sliding the puck out of the way.

Drew skating along the ice.

Drew performing his "Superman" move.

Drew positioned himself in front of the goal several times throughout the game today.

Drew reaching for the puck from his knees.

Drew (on the left) watching as the rest of the kids on the ice fight over the puck.

Drew ready  for his turn at the face off.

Drew ready for the action to come back his way.

Drew chasing after the puck.

Drew skating with his stick on the ice, looking for the puck.

Drew slid into the boards while trying to make a play on the puck.


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