April 17th

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    April 18th marked the final week of this session of Learn To Play Hockey. The kids now get a couple of weeks off before the next session begins. Unfortunately for me I was unable to attend ("Thanks work", he says sarcastically) today's session, which is doubly bad because Drew had his best day on the rink ever! Tara told me was flying around the ice, with the falls greatly reduced from the beginning of the session. They played two mini hockey games today instead of the usual one, and Drew managed to score not once, not twice, but three times! He helped his team to a victory in the first game and to a tie in the second. Way to go Drew! Awesome job, son. Your Mom and I are so proud of all of the progress you have made in such a short time on the ice! Love you kiddo!

April 18th Hockey Lesson

Drew sliding on his but!

Drew racing along the ice with some of his classmates.

Drew driving towards the net.

Another shot of Drew skating on the ice during the game.

A look at Drew fighting for the puck.

Drew driving towards the net once again.

Another look at Drew controlling the puck.


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