April 3rd

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    Drew's fourth week of hockey lessons followed their usual routine, where about half of the time the class is broken into groups (pretty much by age and , and then in the second half of the session they play a hockey game on half of the ice rink.

April 3rd Hockey Lesson

A close-up of Drew skating during one of the drills at the beginning of today's class.

Drew doing the "Superman" move during a drill.

While getting the rink ready to do another skating drill, the kids help out moving the pads. Here Drew is doing his part, moving this pad to its place in line.

Drew controlling the puck while skating between the pads.

Another picture of Drew skating during his drills.

Drew reaching for the puck during their half-ice game.

Drew skating towards the puck, along the boards.

Drew driving to the net, waiting for a pass.


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