January 16th

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    Drew attended his second "Learn to Play Hockey" class on Sunday, January 16th. Once again the first half of the class was spent learning basic skills in groups, separated by their current ability. The second half of the class was spent playing a four on four hockey game with no goalies. Drew's team won the game 4-3 last week, but lost 3-0 this week. Drew was OK with that, saying that it was the nice thing to do, letting the other team win today. What a caring boy!

January 16th Hockey Lesson

Andrew, in the blue uniform, skating during the beginning of his class.

Drew skating to the net with the puck during the warm-up session.

Drew skating along the ice once again.

Drew, standing and watching as his classmates fall for once.

Drew tends to fall a lot as well, and most of the time it appears to be on purpose.

Drew skating to the puck.

Drew knocking the puck away from the crowd of players during their "game" at the end of their practice.

Drew on his butt once again, although he isn't the only one!


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