January 23rd

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    Drew had his third "Learn to Play Hockey" class on Sunday, January 23rd. The first half of the class today was spent doing a variety of drills, from skating backwards to stepping over mats to playing one-on-one against another player. During the second half of the class the kids played a four on four hockey game with no goalies. Drew's team fell behind early, but rallied to tie the game at 1-1, which is how it ended.

January 23rd Hockey Lesson

Drew skating in a back and forth pattern between the pads.

Drew was supposed to step each of the pads as he approached them, but he had a hard time doing so!

Here Drew is playing defense against another of his classmates.

Drew skating along the ice, watching his classmates in a drill.

Another shot of Drew on the ice.

Drew skating along, looking for the puck.

Drew skating towards the puck once again.

Drew had new skates on today, and he skated much faster in them!

One more look at Drew skating in his full hockey gear.


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