January 30th

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    Drew had his fourth "Learn to Play Hockey" class on Sunday, January 30th. As always the first half of the class today was spent doing a variety of drills, from skating backwards to stepping over mats to playing one-on-one against another player. During the second half of the class the kids played a four on four hockey game with no goalies. Today's game ended in a 3-3 tie. Drew did manage to get himself in a little bit of trouble during today's class, as his propensity to "fall," intentionally or not, threatens to get someone hurt as he barrels into them. Hopefully he can outgrow that little maneuver soon, because his mother & I are tiring of it rather quickly.

January 30th Hockey Lesson

Drew skating toward the net.

Drew circling around the barriers in one of their skating drills.

Drew preparing to step over the mat.

Drew spends a lot of time in this position - either getting up or falling down!

Drew ready for a faceoff.


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