June 12th

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    Drew's hockey class followed a similar pattern as usual, but with a bit of a twist... it seems as though each week we are gaining more and more kids in the class, which is unusual considering that we are now what, 6 weeks into this session? I think that a bunch of kids who obviously don't need to "Learn to Play Hockey" (How do I know this, you ask? Well, to start, a bunch of them are wearing the same uniform, for one.) are coming in and using our ice time for free. This meant that there were enough kids to break the lessons down into four groups, which each of the kids rotated through, and two "games" at the end, which of course were dominated by the kids who don't need to be here. Hopefully this will be Drew's last session here, though, so I won't have to stress out about this for long.

June 12th Hockey Lesson

Drew lined up and in his "ready position" before the start of drills.

This drill required Drew to dive onto the ice, roll over, and get back up as quickly as he could.

Drew skating with his class during a drill.

Drew skating around the circle.

Drew doing a puck handling drill.

Drew talking to one of his normal classmates and a new goalie who joined class today.

Drew talking to a classmate while waiting for his turn during a drill.

Drew knocking the puck away from the opposition during the end of practice game.

Drew skating along the ice during the game.


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