June 26th

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    Drew's final learn to play hockey class followed the usual pattern of drills and a scrimmage. Drew finally got aggressive once again during the game, managing to score a hat-trick (that's 3 goals for you non hockey fans out there)! Great job Drew!

    PS: Sorry for the dark pictures... not all of the lights were on in the arena and I didn't have my usual camera with me to compensate.

June 26th Hockey Lesson

Drew skating around a cone during one of the drills.

Drew sliding under a board set atop two cones during a drill.

Drew leaping over an obstacle during a drill. He only landed safely on one of the three attempts he had today, but that was his first landing ever where he was able to continue skating!

Drew isn't the only kid who falls... Here Drew is one of the kids on his feet.

Drew has a lot of fun when he is out on the ice!

Drew in a defensive position in front of the goal.

Drew scored the first of his three goals on this shot!

Drew just missed taking the puck away from this kid.

Drew guarded the goal while this scrum took place.

Drew skating along the ice during his scrimmage.


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