June 5th

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    Drew's last hockey lesson fell on Tara's birthday, and after a week off for Memorial Day he resumed classes on the day before Samantha's birthday! This class followed the usual pattern of drills followed by a game, but with another new coach running things today. Drew played pretty well today, even scoring a goal! Unfortunately for me his net was on the side of the rink I was sitting on, so I didn't get to see it go in, but Tyler and Drew both assured me it was good!

June 5th Hockey Lesson

Drew in line, listening to directions for the next drill from his coach.

Drew skating along the ice during a drill.

Drew lined up to begin another drill.

Drew and his classmates skating around one of the faceoff circles.

Drew moved into the net during his half-ice game.

Drew playing some defense during the game at the end of class.

Drew skating after the puck.

Another shot of Drew, this time moving into position for a pass.

Drew, with his stick on the ice, is ready for a pass.


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