March 20th

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    Drew's second week of class took place an 9:00am as opposed to the normal 10:30am start time. This must have been news to most of the class, as only one coach, the coaches son, and one other boy made it to class to join Drew. The coach worked the kids hard today, skating steady for the full 50 minutes of class. Drew didn't complain at all. He really loves being on the ice.

March 20th Hockey Lesson

Drew skating with the puck on his stick before the start of class.

A close-up of Drew skating during class.

Drew skating with his two classmates for the day.

Drew didn't fall nearly as many times today. This time he and his classmate collided.

Drew skating over one of the pads.

Drew skating with the puck.

Drew coming up to the pad, before he has to step over it.

Drew skating around the circle at center ice.


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