March 27th

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    Drew's third week of class was back to the normal time, and it appeared that everybody managed to make it this time. This class followed a more normal routine, where about half of the time the entire class works on drills together, and then in the second half of the session they break up into groups separated by ability and age to play a small hockey game. This time Drew's team lost their game 2-1. He was upset when his team gave up the first goal, slamming his stick onto the ice in anger! Too funny, Drew, too funny.

March 27th Hockey Lesson

Drew skating with a couple of his classmates before the start of class.

Drew skating around the rink during one of their skating drills.

Drew skating with his stick on the ice, just like a proper defenseman!

Drew making the "Superman" dive during a drill with his classmates.

Another picture of Drew skating during his drills.

Drew skating with his classmates.

Drew lined up with his teammates for today's hockey "game."

Drew looking around for the puck.

Drew crashed into the boards while trying to get his stick onto the puck.

A little bit of a scrum developed when the puck got along the boards, as 7 of the 8 players on the ice went after it!

Drew skating towards his goal.

Drew knocking the puck towards his end of the ice.


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