May 22nd

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    Happy birthday to Tara! Happy birthday to Tara! What better place to spend your birthday than at Drew's third class of his third session of Learn To Play Hockey, right?. Tara & I took Drew to class this morning, and it followed the usual pattern of slightly more than 50% of the time being spent on drills and the remainder playing a game at mid ice. Today's game ended in a 1-1 tie, and Drew was relatively happy about that.

May 22nd Hockey Lesson

Drew skating around the cones.

Drew working on his shooting skills. Here he is getting the pucks out of the net so he can shoot them all over again.

A slap shot!

Drew skating along the ice, moving his skates apart then closer then apart...

Drew reaching for the puck during the game at the end of class.

Drew racing after the puck.


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