May 8th

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    May 8th (Mother's Day!) was the beginning of the third session of Learn To Play Hockey this year. Today's class was extra long, as apparently nobody bothered to tell any of the coaches that the lessons had begun already. After a 30 minute "lesson" from one of the player's mom, a coach finally arrived and put them through their paces. After several skating drills, the class played a game at center ice. Drew scored another goal today, and has vastly improved his skating (not falling on purpose at all, and his accidental falls have also been greatly reduced!) and puck-handling skills since the beginning of the year. We'll see how this goes, but it may be getting time to move up to the next level soon!

May 8th Hockey Lesson

Drew getting up during one of the drills.

Drew was smiling throughout the entire lesson today.

Drew fell while trying to make a move at the net.

Drew (on the left) and one of his classmates decided to play in goal and block shots.

Drew is getting better and faster at skating around the ice, including this drill around the cones.

Drew (far left) getting ready to start the game.

Drew even got a turn at a faceoff after a goal.


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