January 22nd

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    I was unable to attend Drew's basketball clinic once again due to a scheduling conflict with Tyler's basketball game, but next weekend Tara & I will be reversing roles so I will finally be able to see Drew live and in person. Once again Drew had a lot of fun, especially when the "shootout" competition is factored in. Today, facing off against the entire clinic of kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders, Drew took first place, beating out everyone! He was also moved into the group with the first graders, largely because of his height. The coach who runs the clinic kept telling the kindergarteners to move into one group, but then tried telling Drew and another kid to move to another group. Once he finally figured out that the two boys were doing as they were told, he decided to make them first graders from now on. Funny stuff...

Class 2 - January 22nd

Drew, lined up with the rest of the kids in the clinic, preparing to do a drill.

Drew doing a defensive drill.

Drew was one of the kids to advance during the shootout competition, and he was pretty proud of himself for doing so.

Drew getting ready to take a shot during the competition.


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