January 29th

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    After two weeks of being unable to attend Drew's basketball clinic, I was finally able to attend for Drew's final session on January 29th. They spent the majority of the class working on a variety of drills, varying from offense to defense. The defensive drills were closest to me, so that is where most of the pictures came from. There was also a variety of relay races as well - including some dribbling and passing races. Drew seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself at all of these classes, but has said that he doesn't want to participate in the clinic that they are offering this summer. I was kind of surprised because, as I said, he seemed to enjoy himself, plus he was pretty decent at it considering he was only in kindergarten going up against other kids from his grade as well as first and second graders. Oh well, maybe by the time the next clinic rolls around he will have changed his mind...

Class 3 - January 29th

Drew, lined up with the rest of the kids in the clinic, preparing to do a drill.

Drew sliding his feet during a defensive drill.

Drew is doing another defensive drill here.

Drew making a pass during a race where the kids had to pass the ball to one end of the court and back.

Drew dribbling the ball during a relay race.


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