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    Believe it or not, but another school year is underway!

    Tyler has moved on to yet another school, as this year the middle school has been relocated to the old high school. This building now houses the 7th and 8th graders, while the 6th graders are now back at the elementary schools. Tyler rode the bus in this morning, and went straight from school to football practice at the end of the day. He even brought home his paperwork all filled out - already a better start than last year!

    Samantha is entering the fifth grade this year. She is in a class with Tyler's former fifth grade teacher, so they have a little bit of a built-in comfort factor going for them already. Of course Sam has no problems working with any teacher, so this was never an issue anyway. Sam rode the bus to school, after figuring out that there was a mistake on the card that the bus garage had sent us. She also rode the bus home today, without incidence.

    Drew has moved up to first grade this year, although just by looking at him you would think he was in at least second grade. Since Sam and Drew are in the same building, Drew had the same bus issue in the morning. He doesn't have a lot of his friends in his class with him this year, but he seems excited to be able to make new ones. He rode the bus home after school as well.

First Day of School - September 6th, 2011

Tyler standing outside on his first day of seventh grade. Once again he has to be up early in the morning, as he has to be out at the bus stop by 7:00am.
Another shot of Tyler on his first day of school.
One more look at Tyler standing ready for his first day.
Samantha and Drew together on their first day of school. They get to wait until 8:15am before heading outside in the morning.
Another look at Sam and Drew on their first day of school.
A close-up of Sam waiting outside.
A close-up of Drew waiting for the school bus.
One more look at Sam and Drew ready for the first day of school.


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