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    Thanks to the same program at work called the Ambassador Program, I was able to secure the use of a 2011 Cadillac SRX Premium for a weekend, free of charge. All I have to do is return it clean and full of gas!

    I really wanted to get the Escalade once again, to drive to Detroit to the Kid Rock concert, but that vehicle was unavailable. While other choices did exist (mainly cars) I like to test out vehicles that I could never afford to drive otherwise, so the SRX was the choice. Although too small for our family of six, it worked out perfectly for taking the five of us to the concert and back. One thing that is difficult about driving the newer vehicles is getting used to the controls. None of them are consistent, and none of them are like the old cars that I drive, that is for sure! Getting used to the HVAC, radio, and navigation controls would take me some time, that is for sure.

    Tara certainly like this vehicle, and could easily picture herself driving one. Of course, we'll have to wait a few years until the kids are grown before we can consider this as an option - and we'll have to find one used so that it is affordable (unless... c'mon lottery!). The kids liked the giant sunroof that spanned the entire roof as well as the TV screens in the seatbacks. I liked the (gimmicky) pop-up nav screen as well as the awesome rear view camera that displayed lines where your path would be based on the steering wheel inputs. This was way better than the camera in the Escalade, although it is possible that this option was turned off in that vehicle so we didn't actually know it existed. I was less thrilled with the $55,080 price tag and the disappointing fuel economy, especially considering that it requires premium gasoline. Again, at a more reasonable used price tag, these disappointments could be forgiving.

    I did a really lousy job taking pictures of this car, however. I wound up taking some before I left for work on Monday morning, the day I returned it. I also took a couple pictures with me cell phone before dropping it off for the last time. Here are some of the best shots I was able to take. Enjoy...

Cadillac SRX Premium

The dew-covered SRX, as seen from the front.

A close-up look at the chrome trim in front of the front door.

The rear view of the Cadillac.

The front view of the Cadillac, with the LED parking lights on.

The front view of the Cadillac, with the adaptive headlights on. The lights actually tip up and down and side to side as driving needs dictate.

The illuminated Cadillac logo found in the front door sills.

The rear view with the lights on.

The instrument panel was very nice, especially the high resolution display in the center.

The navigation screen popped up out of the dashboard when the vehicle was turned on. It was a touch screen that also housed the radio controls as well as the backup camera display.

A look at the DVD screens located in the seatbacks.

This model was a 2.8 liter turbo. A 3.6 liter option was also available, although both are being replaced by a 3.0 liter for the 2012 models.

A partial look at the gigantic sunroof. The front half opened, but the entire thing was big enough to cover both rows of seats. The sunshade to darken the inside was power.


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