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    Thanks to the same program at work that allowed me to use a Cadillac Escalade ESV for the weekend, free of charge, I was able to secure a weekend with a new 2011 Camaro SS. And still all I have to do is return it clean and full of gas!

    Driving the Camaro for the weekend rekindled my interest in them, which had waned drastically since I sold mine a couple of years ago. Of course, the fact that it only has four seats (and two of them are teeny tiny!) means that I won't even think about something like this for many years to come. This car didn't have a window sticker in it, so I can't report on how much it costs, but for the power it has and how good it felt to drive, I am sure it is reasonable.

    The goal was to get a Corvette for Tara's birthday weekend, but I was unable to secure one of those (they go fast!). Hopefully next time I will be able to reserve one for her!

Chevrolet Camaro SS

The front three-quarter view of the Camaro.

The SS badge in the grill.

The side view.

The rear three-quarter view.

The front view.

    And some more pictures from the night before I had to return it...

Chevrolet Camaro SS

The rear three-quarter view.

The front three-quarter view.

The front view with the headlight rings on.

The center stack of gauges lit up at night.

The speedometer, driver information center, and tachometer lit up at night.

Another rear three-quarter view, this time with the lights on.

Although difficult to see, Tyler wanted a picture of himself in the drivers seat.


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