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    Thanks to the same program at work called the Ambassador Program, I was able to secure the use of a 2011 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible for a full work week, free of charge. All I had to do is return it clean and full of gas!

    I had really hoped to be able to secure a Corvette for Tara's birthday, but they were booked at that time. I originally signed up for a manual Corvette, which would have been a Z06, a much more powerful car than this one. Unfortunately, when I went to pick up that car they told me it was in the shop. I had a choice to make - take this Corvette or choose another car (you know, something hot like a Cruze). I opted for the Corvette. Everyone that drove or rode in this car really liked it, and I could certainly see myself in one! Of course it is a little impractical for the family, as only one extra passenger gets to ride along at a time (although that isn't always bad...). When I returned this car I found out that the one I was supposed to get had several internal engine issues - it was bad enough that they were going to replace the entire car. Somebody had a lot of fun with that car. Thanks to them, I didn't get that chance... If only I could have had this car a week earlier the weather would have been much more cooperative for a convertible. I got one day where Tyler and I had the top down while driving to and from basketball practice, but the rest of the time was cold, windy, or rainy. The week prior was nothing but sunshine and temps in the mid-60's. Typical November weather, I suppose.

    It was a fun week, but it was time to get back to reality. Now I just have to try and decide what to do next...

Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

A look at the front three-quarter view of the Corvette.

A look at the scoop at the front of the hood.

Nobody that saw them was overly fond of the stripes on the fenders, even if they were reminiscent of the Grand Sport cars of long ago.

The Grand Sport badge on the front fender.

A look at a front wheel, with the Corvette branded brake caliper.

A look at the three-quarter rear view.

A look at the back of the Corvette.

The navigation screen showed the Corvette logo upon startup.

The instrument panel also displayed the Corvette name at startup, followed by "by Chevrolet."

A look at the top going down.

The interior of the Corvette with the top down.

The Grand Sport logo stitched into the seats.

The center stack between the seats.

A look at the three-quarter rear view with the top down.

The side view of the Corvette with the top down.

The front three-quarter view.

A look at the engine compartment.

Drew standing with the Corvette while the hood is open.

The Corvette logo stitched into the passenger side of the dashboard.

The headlights on.


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