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    After Samantha's soccer game in Holt, we made the short drive into Lansing to stop at the Capitol Building. It was very peaceful on the capitol grounds, as the only other people there were a young couple taking photographs and a wedding party that was doing the same. We waited patiently for the wedding party to take their photos, and then we took some of the kids on the steps leading to the entrance. Although Sam just visited last year, and Tyler a few years ago, it had been a good many years since either Tara or myself had been to the capitol. It was a relaxing, pressure free trip to see one of our state's treasures. Plus, on the way out the kids go to play in a pile of leaves, making "leaf angels" (even though Drew kept calling them snow angels)!

Our Visit to Michigan's Capitol Building

A look at the Capitol Building.

Jayden standing next to a monument.

Drew wanted Tara to write down the plaque word for word in his little notebook, but we were able to convince him that a picture with it would be better. Jayden posed for this one with him.

Tyler thought it would be cool to stand over a steaming manhole cover. Guess it's better than standing over a steaming pile of... oh, never mind!

A look up at the dome of the Capitol Building.

Drew and Jayden trying to shield their eyes from the sun while sitting on the side steps.

A look at Drew and Jay on the steps, seen from a distance.

A look up at the flags flying over the Capitol Building.

A close-up view of one of the set of doors at the entrance to the Capitol.

Jay and Tyler peeking out from between a set of columns on the porch of the Capitol Building.

Tyler looking between the columns.

Drew and Jay peeking between the columns.

From front to rear, Drew, Tyler, Sam, and Jayden sitting on the steps of the Capitol Building.

A faraway look at the kids on the steps.

A closer look at Tyler, Sam, Drew, and Jay sitting on the steps.

A final close-up of the kids sitting on the stairs.

Tyler got in trouble by the nice Michigan State police officer for sitting on this rail!

Tyler sitting on the stairs.

Drew and Tyler together on the steps.

Drew sitting by himself on the stairs.

And finally, Jayden sitting on the stairs.

Drew, Tyler, Jayden, and Sam playing in the leaves on our way back to the car.

Making "snow angels" in the leaves!


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