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    On August 13th, we joined a bunch of our family members in Lexington for the Morris family reunion. We arrived around 1:00pm, just in time to join everybody for lunch. The kids then spent almost the entire afternoon swimming in the pool. We stayed well beyond our welcome, I'm sure, as we didn't end up leaving until after 9:00pm. We stayed so long that we wound up ordering a couple of pizzas for dinner! Either way, we owe Jim & Renee a big thank you for hosting this event. I know the kids are already looking forward to returning next year!

Swimming in the Pool

Marissa jumping off of the diving board as Samantha looks on.

Tyler going off of the diving board backwards.

Sam splashing into the water after going off the diving board backward.

Tyler doing a cannon ball into the pool.

Drew squirting Donovan with one of the squirt guns.

Tyler splashing into the water after coming down the slide.

Marissa sitting on top of the slide while Donovan floats by in the water below.

Jayden and Drew in the water with their new friends Emma and Alexa.

Jay clinging to the side of the pool.

Jay playing in the water.

Tara joined Drew in the pool too.

Drew playing around with Tara while Tyler looks on.

Steve floating on a raft...

...trying to relax and soak up some rays.

Tyler and Jayden watches as Dozer the dog jumps into the pool.

Steve diving into the pool.

Jayden playing with one of her new friends on the teeter-totter.

Even Great-Grandma made it into the pool Tyler.


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