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    We continued our annual family tradition of attending the North American International Auto Show once again this year. Like last year we attended opening day, this time on Saturday, January 15th since we had no activities scheduled for today (the only day that we didn't have something on our agenda over the course of the show). We planned on arriving when the show opened in the morning, but getting all six of us motivated to get out the door by 7:30am is a very difficult task! Despite the snowy roads we managed to make it inside the doors by 9:30am, which was only about 30 minutes later than planned. I suppose that isn't too bad, considering we also stopped at the Holly Donut Shop to pick up our breakfast for the day!

    Both Tara & I seemed a little disappointed in the show, although it was better than the past couple of years. Although there were concept vehicles on display, none were too exciting - in fact most of them look too much like production vehicles to even realize that they are concepts! The kids enjoyed themselves this year, though. From racing slot cars at the Ford display to playing XBox 360 Kinect, decorating a car, and getting their "3D" picture taken at the Chevy display, along with climbing in and out of a wide variety of cars and trucks, they were all smiles throughout the morning (until hunger kicked in, and then it was "when is lunch? When is lunch?"). As long as the kids are enjoying themselves, I will not complain.

The North American International Auto Show

Andrew, Samantha, and Tyler racing slot cars on the track in the Ford display.

Another shot of Drew, Sam, and Tyler racing the slot cars as Jayden looks on.

A look at the slot car track.

Drew checking out the headrest TV in one of the vehicles on display in the Ford exhibit.

Samantha, Tyler, Jayden, and Drew with the Michelin Man!

Drew, Jay, Tyler, and Sam standing with the Chevrolet Sonic (not a bad looking car with a really dumb name) that they decorated. All of the stickers were put on the car by the kids.

A look at the Chevrolet display from the upstairs area. Not too crowded for opening day.

Tyler and Drew playing on the XBox 360 Kinect at the Chevy display.

Another shot of Tyler and Drew playing the video game.

Drew took second place, while Tyler came in last place!

Tyler and Drew's picture on the TV after their game was complete.

Sammie and Jay (getting some steering assistance) taking their turn on the XBox game.

Sam came in fourth place, while poor Jay (who couldn't quite get the hang of it) came in last. Their picture is on display on the TV as well.

Jayden posing with the GMC concept pickup.

Drew sitting in a yellow Corvette.

Sam also took a turn in the yellow Corvette.

A look at the interior of a Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible.

Jay, Sam, Drew, and Tyler getting directions for their "jump" photo. You can see the finished result on the NAIAS - Auto Show - Page 2.

Jay, Sam, Drew, and Tyler starting their jump for the photo.

Drew in the seat of the new Dodge Charger.

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