Sailing Part II

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    The Lake Fenton Sailing Club, which Tara sailed with when she was a young girl (well, slightly younger - she's still young now!), hosted another free sailing event on June 26th. Although Tara could sail again (due to her gall bladder surgery the previous Wednesday), Tyler wanted to give it another go, and Samantha wanted to give it a try since she was unable to last weekend due to her soccer tryouts. While Tara wanted to be able to sail with Tyler last weekend, they were placed on separate boats. This weekend Tyler and Sam were able to get out on the same boat, making things a little easier on them. Both kids had fun today, although I think Tyler got a bit more of a workout than Sam did. Once again I had to take Drew to hockey, so I was unable to join them. Both Drew and Jayden are too young to sail yet, so maybe in a couple of years they can give it a shot.

Sailing... take two.

Samantha and Tyler heading out on the boat with their captain.

Another look at Sam and Tyler heading out.

Jayden dressed to play in the water (too bad she couldn't without water shoes, which she didn't have...)

Jayden and Drew sharing lunch on the grass.

Another shot of Tyler and Sam on the sailboat.

Tyler, Sam, and their captain passing another boat.

Tyler and Sam realizing that they were on camera!

One more look at Tyler and Sam sailing along the water.

Tyler on the front of the boat as it came into the dock.

Tyler braved the water long enough to take this picture.


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