Sailing Part III

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    Tara may have found the sailing partner she has been looking for, as Tyler really seems to have taken a liking to the whole sailing thing. With plans to try the free sailing event (which was held on two separate Sunday's as well as two different Wednesday's) on the first Sunday, Tara and the kids have now hit three out of the four days that the Lake Fenton Sailing Club offered. Now, if only I was rich enough to afford a boat and a membership so that they could enjoy this all summer long...

    With Tara still recovering from her surgery, she was unable to join Tyler and Samantha on a boat today, although she really wanted to! Conveniently enough, all three times they have gone Tara's friend has been there, with his two children joining him both the first time and the last time. This worked out for Tyler and Sam as they were able to pair up with his children, meaning that they would have someone they know on the boat with them. Tyler went out on a catamaran today, while Sam was on a Rebel.

    After the race was complete, Tyler, Sam, and their friends went for a dip in the lake. While I can guarantee that the water is too cold for my taste, they all seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Sailing... attempt #3.

Tyler heading out to the boat with his captain and a friend who was crewing with him.

Tyler's self-shot on the boat.

A look at all of the boats out on the lake.

Tyler (on the right) and his captain hanging from the side of the catamaran.

Samantha (on the right) on her boat with her friend and two others.

Somewhere in this mess of sails is Samantha.

There is Sam, attempting to avoid getting hit by the sails.

After returning to the dock, the kids opted to go for a swim. Here is Sam climbing out of the water.

Tyler standing on the dock. Thank goodness he had his compression shorts on under his jeans (which he was told not to wear, but why listen to your parents, right?) otherwise he would have been swimming in his underwear. It seems as if he "has got something in there and he just can't get it out."

Samantha and her friend looking at the bottom of the lake.

Sammie smiling as she looks towards the shore.

Tyler walking back towards land with his friend.

Tyler swimming in the shallow water.


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