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    Due to inclement weather and an assortment of other obligations this year, Samantha really hasn't had many opportunities to practice with her team so far this season. Thankfully it didn't really matter today, as she combined with her teammates to score 6 goals, winning the first game of the year 6-1. (This should have been their second game of the year, but the fields were underwater on opening weekend.) Samantha's play has really improved since taking up the indoor game last fall. She was able to control the ball nicely, and had several scoring opportunities. She did manage to put the ball into the back of the net once in the second half, and she just missed the net on a couple of other opportunities. All in all, a great opening game effort. Congratulations, Sammie!

Game 1 - at Team #3

Samantha slowing down as the action takes place on the opposite side of the field.

Sam gaining control of the ball in the middle of a crowd.

Sam looking to pass to her teammates.

Sam knocking the ball away from the opposition while playing defense.

Sammie moving in for a prime scoring opportunity.

Sam stopping the ball while on defense once again.

Sam kicking a pass ahead to a teammate.

Sam running back to the center circle after scoring her goal.


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