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    Samantha's soccer team had their second game on the first weekend in May, which of course meant a conflict with her opening day parade for baseball. Sam decided to play in the game as opposed to walking in the parade, which was good news for her team as two other players (out of their 7, which is how many players are supposed to be on the field at a time in this age group) were scheduled to be missing already - including both her head coach's daughter and the assistant coach's daughter. Why they didn't reschedule this game is beyond me...

    Anyway, on to the game play. Since the opposing team had nine players, they were gracious enough to lend us two to make it a 7 vs. 7 game throughout as opposed to us playing shorthanded. Thankfully one of the two players that was on loan to us scored two goals against her own team, which when combined with Sam's two third period goals gave the team enough for a 4-2 victory. Most of the players didn't really look awake enough for this 9:00am game, which is bad news as they have a lot of them on their schedule this year! Overall Sam played another strong game, playing two quarters on defense and getting her two goals in the third quarter while playing forward. Two games down this year and three goals scored. Great job kiddo!

Game 2 - at Team #1

Samantha making the turn while playing defense.

Sammie knocking the ball away from the opposition.

Sam standing in the center circle after her team scored a goal.

Sam stealing the ball away from the opposing player during a kickoff.

Sam moving past the defenders while trying to score another goal.

Sam running back towards the center circle after her team scored again.


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