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    After a rained out weekend of games, Samantha's soccer team resumed their schedule on Saturday, May 21st. Well, most of them resumed the schedule. In what has become an all too common thing amongst the girls on this team only 5 players showed up for today's game, in what is supposed to be a 7 on 7 game. Needless to say this continually puts Sam's team at a disadvantage, either having to play with fewer players or borrowing players from the other team (it was 6 on 6 today, with one borrowed player). This means no rest for anyone on her team, with the exception of the brief respite at the end of the quarter and at halftime. Sam is getting way past frustrated with the lack of commitment from her teammates, and would probably walk away if she could (we won't let her, and she loves playing too much to actually do so).

    Out of the six girls who played for her team today, Sam was the only one who really appeared to care what happened in the game today. She was running all over the field, chasing after loose balls, helping out the defenders when she was supposed to be on offense and leading the offensive charge while trying to play defense as well. By the end of the game she was beat, crying because it hurt to breath. Her team did score two goals late, in part because of her offensive push while playing defense, and in part because of luck. Unfortunately it wasn't enough, as her team lost 4-2. This was their first defeat since this team was put together last fall... Once again, for the second time in three games, Samantha was given the patch for player of the game.

    One last thing... since there has been two postponements already this season and I have no word of makeup games, I really wasn't sure if this should be game 5 (as it should have been) or game 3 (as it actually was). I opted for game 3 since it was indeed their third game of the year. Also, I am uncertain if the opponent is correct or not, but I guess at this point it doesn't really even matter.

Game 3 - vs. Team #4

Samantha started the game in goal.

This ball almost snuck in past Sam, but she managed to make the save. She didn't allow any goals in her time in net.

Sam passing the ball to a teammate on offense.

Sam spent most of the breaks trying to catch her breath. It was difficult running through the mud that was all over the field today.

Sam making a move to get by a player.

Sam running back on defense after trying to lead an offensive push towards the goal.

Sam stopping the ball so that she can make a play.


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