Game 4

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    Samantha and her teammates resumed play on a sweltering afternoon, and they looked a little more alive today than they had over their past couple of games. Sam scored one goal in her limited time on offense, and she passed up opportunities to score again in an effort to pass the ball to her teammates to give them a shot on goal. As with most of the games lately, Sam was the hardest working girl on the field.

Game 4 - vs. Team #3

Samantha started the game in goal.

She had a rough time in net today, giving up two goals.

Sammie after kicking a ball to her forwards while playing defense.

Sam intercepting a pass from the opposition.

Sam moving in to stop the rush from the other team.

Sam leading the break with her teammates.

Sam betting off a big kick from the corner.

Sam getting ready to make a move to get by her opponent.
Sammie taking a break in the heat while the action takes place at the other end of the field.
Sam and an opponent going after the ball.


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