Game 5

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    Tonight's game was supposed to be a makeup game scheduled by the other teams coach, but he apparently forgot that he had done so... Since the majority of Samantha's team showed up (for a change) the coaches decided to scrimmage, calling it an unofficial game since our coach had no intention of making this one up again. Sam only played a little over a quarter on offense, scoring three goals and getting an assist on one more before being moved back to the defensive side of the ball.

Game 5 - vs. Team #1

Samantha running across the field watching the action unfold.

Sam getting off a big kick.

Another big kick from Sam while playing defense.

Sam showing some of the girls on the other team her kicking form.

Sammie getting punched from an opposing player. OK, not really, but it sure looks that way!

Sam and a teammate going after the ball.

Sam and one of her friends on the other team going after the ball.

Sam kicking one of her three goals in past the goalie.
Sam watching as the goalie throws the ball.

Sam dribbling the ball up the field.

Sam outracing an opponent to the ball.

Sam fighting off two opposing players for the ball.


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