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    Although Samantha didn't score in her team's game today, she didn't really need to, nor did she force the issue in trying to score. That isn't to say she didn't try at all - she did have one shot hit the goal post, and another sailed just wide of the net. She did a very good job passing the ball to her teammates today. She played in goal once again today, and didn't give up any scores despite facing much more pressure than she did in the last game she played in net. Overall it was a good performance. With one game remaining on the schedule, Sam is looking forward to bigger and better things from now on...

Game 7 - vs. Team #4

Samantha played defense in the first quarter today. Here she is watching the action unfold on the other end of the field.

Sam's leg is broken! No, just kidding! In this photo she is attempting to knock the ball away from three opposing players.

Sam leading the charge from the defensive side of the field.

Sam watching as her pass makes it to her teammate.

Sam, sporting a flower petal from our yard in her hair, walking back to her position.

Sam dribbling the ball while looking for a teammate to pass to.

Sam challenging an opponents shot.

Sam heading up the field as three opposing players and a teammate give chase.

Sam performing a throw-in from the sideline.

Sam played goalie in the final quarter today.

Here is Sam picking up a rolling ball.

Sammie performing a drop kick.

Sam watching as another one of her drop kicks sails down field.

Sam challenged her opponent on this save, knocking the ball away.

Another look at Sam in goal.

Sam after kicking the ball away downfield.


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