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    Tonight was one of those nights where you could just tell that the girls minds were elsewhere... the last game of soccer, the end of the school year the next day, boys, who knows what - definitely not soccer. Samantha played ok for the most part, but she was determined to stay in her assigned area of the field tonight even though it would have been better for her team if she would have helped out and just chased the ball around all evening. Needless to say her team really struggled to get anything going, scoring only one goal in the third period after giving up four in the first half. Sam didn't score, but during her time on offense most of the action took place away from her side of the field and, as I said, she didn't wander too far onto the opposite side so as not to intrude on her teammates space. Even though they suffered their second defeat of the season tonight, they had a decent year overall. They went 6-2 during the spring session after going 8-0 in the fall, for an overall record of 14-2, which is acceptable by any standard. Great job girls, and great job Samantha! Your whole family is proud of all you've accomplished during your time as an AYSO athlete. Love you bunches, kiddo!

Game 8 - at Team #3

Samantha played defense in the first quarter once again today. Here she is kicking the ball away from her teams goal.

Sam was waiting for the OK to resume play so that she could throw in the ball.

Sam performing the throw in.

Sam trying to make a move past an opponent.

Sam moved into goal in the final quarter.

Sam doing a goal kick.

Sam had plenty of opportunity to stray from the net when the action was taking place at the opposite end of the field.

Sam making a save on an opponent.

Sam performing a drop-kick after making another save.


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