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    Samantha was selected as one of three players to represent her team, the Rays, in the Minor League All-Star game on July 7th. Being an American League team, she was joined by players from the White Sox, the Tigers, and the A's. They played against the National League, which consisted of players on the Phillies, Mets, Cubs, and Cardinals.

    Being the visitors, the American League team got to bat first, and Sam led them off. Although I wasn't sure that she belonged on the All-Star team due to her lack of hits throughout the season, she proved me wrong in her first at-bat today, connecting for a nice single. She managed to successfully steal both second and third base before coming home to score the games first run. Her team carried the lead throughout most of the game thanks to their strong first inning. Her second at-bat wasn't quite as successful, as she struck out - she did go down swinging, though. Her final at-bat may have been her best hit of the season, as she lined a shot down the third base line over the third baseman's head. She wound up getting thrown out at second base after being told to steal on an overthrow to first base, but she swears she was safe. Overall, not a bad day at the plate, going 2-3!

    Sammie sat out the first inning of fielding, but played the second inning at second base, where her only action came on a grounder. While she fielded it cleanly and made the throw to first, the runner just beat out the throw on the slow rolling hit. She later moved over to shortstop, before finally playing two innings in right field. It was while she was in right field that the game slipped away from her team, as pitching once again wound up being a weakness. One bad inning is all it takes, and tonight was no different.

    After the game I was even approached by one of the coaches from the All-Star game, who happens to coach another team in Sam's league as well as a travel baseball team. He was very interested in having Sam come out and practice with his team and play with them in the future. While Sam is extremely honored, she isn't sure she wants to do so... especially with the commitment she has to soccer and the travel team that she will be playing on in the fall. If the schedules can be worked out, we might just see what we can do, if she is interested, of course.

    Overall, despite the loss, a great evening for Sam, her Rays teammates and coaches, and her entire American League All-Star team. Great job boys, and Samantha - we are especially proud of you for showing them what you can do!

Minor League All-Star Game

Samantha at the plate during her first at-bat.

Samantha swinging and connecting for her first hit of the game.

Samantha standing safely on first base.

Sam taking a lead after the pitch.

Sammie coming in to third base safely on a close play.

Sam smiling as she talked her team's head coach, who coaching third base for the All-Star's.

Sam coming home to score the games first run!

Sam's first inning in the field was spent playing second base.

Sam between pitches.

Another shot of Sammie playing second base.

Sam at-bat once again. She struck out in this at-bat.

Sam moved over to shortstop after her time at second base.

Sam playing shortstop while a runner is on base.

Sam also played a couple of innings in right field...

...where she was when the other team scored most of their runs. Sam got a little frustrated when this happened.

Sam during her final at-bat.

Sam swinging the bat for her second hit of the game!

Sam got a second inning in right field tonight as well.

Sam and her American League teammates lined up for the post-game handshake.

Sam and her teammates doing an All-Star cheer after the game.

Sam and her friend Tanner, who played on the National League team.

Drew posing with Samantha, our families two All-Stars this year.

Another shot of Drew and Sam, who both coincidentally were given the number 5 for these games!


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