First Half Playoff

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    For some reason Samantha's regularly scheduled game was bumped from the originally scheduled field, forcing the coaches to scramble to find a spot to play. They settled on a local elementary school for the first half playoff game. Due to a conflict with another game, Tara & I were forced to split up for the action today, and so I don't really have much to add. I did make it to the game late, just in time to see each team score the maximum 5 runs in the final inning, which took place way past most of the players bedtimes. Thankfully the final run that was walked in was enough to give Sam's team the winning run.

First Half Playoff - vs. A's

Samantha played second base during today's game.

Sammie watching a ball go by off the plate.

Sam swinging and missing during one of her at-bats.

Sam on second base once again.

Another shot of Sammie batting.


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