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    Samantha has opted to play baseball this year, as opposed to softball, so that she could play with her coach and his daughter. Plus, I think she just likes to see if she can tough it out against the boys! Regardless of the reasons, she has joined the majority of her teammates from last season in their first season of minor league baseball. After watching the majority of their first game, it is obvious that pitching will wind up being the biggest issue for them to overcome. I suppose some struggles in all aspects of the game is to be expected on a team made up entirely of 9-year old first time players. Hopefully, with more practice and experience, they will continue to improve throughout the season.

    Sammie had a good game from a fielding standpoint, catching the balls that came her way and tagging out a runner at second base. She had mixed reviews from the plate. She struck out her first time at the plate, but managed to get on base in her next at-bat thanks to a dropped pop-up. She walked in her only other plate appearance. Each time she was on base she was able to move along, stealing second twice and getting to third once. Unfortunately she was unable to score either time. The moment that made Tara's heart melt, as well as mine, was when she toed the rubber for the first time. Although she only managed to induce one out while she was pitching, the experience she gained will be invaluable as the season goes on. She learned tonight that she can hang with the boys, and compete evenly despite the long hair hanging from her hat. I'm sure by the end of the season she will be striking them out! Great job in your first "real" baseball game Sam! We are so proud of you!

Game 1 - vs. Phillies

Samantha (#8) and her teammates lined up getting some direction from the umpire before the start of today's game.

Sam started and played most of the game at second base.

Here Sammie is looking to the dugout for some guidance from her coach.

Sam in her second at-bat.

Sam swung at a high pitch and missed...

...but didn't miss the next one, hitting a pop up that resulted in her being safe at first.

Sam was on first base and ready to run...

...and eventually made it to second base before the inning ended.

Sammie also pitched during today's game.

Here is another look at her pitching...

...and another...

...and one more.

Look closely and you can see the determination on her face.

Here is Sammie catching a ball thrown back to her.

After a walk in her next at-bat, Samantha managed to steal second base...

...and finally third. Unfortunately she didn't end up coming in to score.


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