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    The A's avenged their earlier loss to the Rays by jumping out to an early 3 run lead and never really looking back. Sam tried her best to score a run, walking twice (maybe three times - I must admit I forgot how many times she batted!) and getting hit by a pitch once. She stole a few bases tonight, making it around to third base several times. Unfortunately the hitting wasn't there to drive her home tonight. Sam played the majority of the game at second base, and aside from one ball that she probably should have fielded, she more than held her own. She also pitched an inning tonight, and although she didn't record any strikeouts and ended up allowing the maximum five runs, she showed improvement. She gave up a few hits tonight (and maybe with some improved fielding they wouldn't have been hits, but who knows for sure), which to me means that her accuracy is improving. Now we just need to work on her speed, and she will be doing alright.

Game 10 - at A's

Samantha played second base during tonight's game.

Sam batting for the first time.

Sam walked each time she batted today. Here she is listening to direction from the first base coach.

Sammie taking a lead off of first base.

Sam stole second base successfully a few times tonight.

Sometimes the action in the field becomes fairly rare. Here Sam is trying to combat the boredom.

Sam took a cutoff throw from the outfield and threw the ball to home plate on this throw (and only one bounce!).

Samantha got a little frustrated at times by the fact that her team was losing the game.

Sam giving her dad the evil eye about being photographed.

Sam managed to jump out of the way of a few pitches tonight...

...but not this one, which hit her in the leg.

Sam stealing second! Run, run, run!

Sam made it to third base on steals a few times tonight, but couldn't get the hit she needed from her teammates to score any runs.

Sam pitched the final inning of tonight's game. Although she gave up the limit of 5 runs, they almost all came on hit balls, which means her accuracy is getting more consistent.

Samantha on first base after her final at-bat.


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